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Cronbach Alpha and Related Statistics
ItemsCronbach AlphaStd. AlphaG6(smc)Average R
All itmes0.81840.836510.2313
q1 excluded0.80460.823610.2259
q2 excluded0.78870.810510.211
q3 excluded0.77790.803510.2036
q4 excluded0.78870.810510.211
q5 excluded0.80420.823110.2253
q6 excluded0.80040.812610.2132
q7 excluded0.82760.843410.2518
q8 excluded0.82760.843410.2518
q9 excluded0.81680.838610.2451
q10 excluded0.78370.808410.2086
q11 excluded0.81230.830710.2347
q12 excluded0.78960.814910.2157
q13 excluded0.8230.847210.2574
q14 excluded0.8080.82710.2301
q15 excluded0.81440.833310.2381
q16 excluded0.82210.842410.2504
q17 excluded0.84770.848410.2591

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