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Cronbach Alpha and Related Statistics
ItemsCronbach AlphaStd. AlphaG6(smc)Average R
All itmes0.92970.935210.2652
I1 excluded0.92830.933810.2657
I2 excluded0.92720.932510.2617
I3 excluded0.93160.936210.2733
I4 excluded0.92820.933510.2646
I5 excluded0.92880.93410.2663
I6 excluded0.92760.933110.2634
I7 excluded0.92650.932710.262
I8 excluded0.9260.932310.261
I9 excluded0.93060.935710.2717
I10 excluded0.92870.934510.2679
I11 excluded0.93060.936710.2749
I12 excluded0.92940.935610.2713
I13 excluded0.93040.935810.2722
I14 excluded0.93080.936210.2735
I15 excluded0.92820.933610.2648
I16 excluded0.93010.935710.2717
I17 excluded0.92730.932610.2619
I18 excluded0.92710.932510.2617
I19 excluded0.92990.935210.2702
I20 excluded0.92610.932310.2609
I21 excluded0.92970.935110.2698
I22 excluded0.93070.936510.2744
I23 excluded0.92730.931710.259
I24 excluded0.92810.933510.2647
I25 excluded0.92610.931310.2581
I26 excluded0.92710.931810.2594
I27 excluded0.930.935910.2724
I28 excluded0.92810.933710.2652
I29 excluded0.92410.930610.2558
I30 excluded0.92850.934510.2679
I31 excluded0.92490.931710.2592
I32 excluded0.92630.932410.2613
I33 excluded0.93030.936110.2729
I34 excluded0.92420.930910.2567
I35 excluded0.92350.930510.2555
I36 excluded0.93270.936910.2757
I37 excluded0.92550.931210.2576
I38 excluded0.92580.931310.258
I39 excluded0.92950.935510.271
I40 excluded0.92220.9310.254

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