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Box-Cox Normality Plot
# observations x10
maximum correlation0.981668841261037
optimal lambda-0.5
transformation formulafor all lambda <> 0 : T(Y) = (Y^lambda - 1) / lambda

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Lambda
> summary(mypT)
bcPower Transformation to Normality 
  Est Power Rounded Pwr Wald Lwr Bnd Wald Upr Bnd
x    -0.382           0      -0.9516       0.1876
Likelihood ratio test that transformation parameter is equal to 0
 (log transformation)
                           LRT df    pval
LR test, lambda = (0) 1.935387  1 0.16417
Likelihood ratio test that no transformation is needed
                           LRT df       pval
LR test, lambda = (1) 26.94696  1 2.0912e-07

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