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Cronbach Alpha and Related Statistics
ItemsCronbach AlphaStd. AlphaG6(smc)Average R
All itmes0.56190.57160.60740.1082
Q2 excluded0.52960.54210.58270.1059
Q7 excluded0.55420.56620.60430.1155
Q8 excluded0.59040.61730.64010.1389
Q9 excluded0.50870.50880.53750.0938
Q10 excluded0.49410.50050.52680.0911
Q11 excluded0.51020.5240.56360.0992
Q12 excluded0.56960.57890.60590.1209
Q13 excluded0.56220.57710.59840.1201
Q14 excluded0.51840.54140.57470.1056
Q15 excluded0.53050.52130.56170.0982
Q16 excluded0.53520.52940.56790.1011

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